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Animals in Cross Stitch: Design Number 4 PDF Books

Animals in Cross Stitch: Design Number 4

StitchX Cross Stitch Designs presents:
Animals in Cross Stitch.

This pattern is Design Number 4 in our series of several hundred beautiful and fascinating counted cross stitch designs that have been created based on high quality photographs. This one is titled "Puppy Dog at Sunset". Pattern Specifications: Stitch Count: 280 x 158

Finished Size (depending on fabric choice):
14 count (or 28 count over-two): 20 inches x 11.3 inches
16 count (or 32 count over-two): 17.5 inches x 9.9 inches
18 count: 15.6 inches x 8.8 inches
25 count (over-one): 11.2 inches x 6.4 inches
25 count (over-two): 22.4 inches x 12.7 inches

Cross stitch design is all full cross stitches. There are no fractional stitches, no blended threads, and no backstitching.

Chart is easy to read and fun to stitch!

Included in this book:
Full color picture of design for reference
Complete DMC floss shopping list (includes how many of each skein the design requires)
Pattern in large, easy-to-read format with black/white symbols
Stitching hints and tips
Project planning page to help determine exact fabric size
Color page layout guide for reference.

This pattern uses 60 DMC thread colors.

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My Health Record PDF Books

My Health Record

Blank Health Record Book

Get Your Copy Today!

Portable Size 6 inches by 9 inches

Include Sections For:

  • Personal Information
  • Emergency contact
  • Insurance Details
  • Test Results
  • Medication Records
  • Vaccination Logs
  • Clinic Visits
  • Past Medication History
  • Symptoms Tracker

Buy One Today and have a record of your health history

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A Pom Cyclist in Australasia: Part 1 - New Zealand PDF Books

A Pom Cyclist in Australasia: Part 1 - New Zealand

It was December 2015 when Paul set out to cycle around New Zealand. Thirty years before, while on holiday from his teaching post in New Guinea, he had one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life, when, with a specially designed route to hopefully provide a back wind all the way around both islands, he headed south from Auckland on a figure-eight loop of the main islands. The traffic had changed, the roads had changed, and most of all after 30 years, he had changed. The peoples, the fabulous seashores, rivers, lakes, and mountains, they were all the same, making this the second great trip of a lifetime. The story is told in just a few words, but with lots of pictures.

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The Revelation of the Trinity of God PDF Books

The Revelation of the Trinity of God

Say Out Loud: Lord Jesus Christ Save My Soul

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Acting with your Eyes: On Camera Eye Phrasing PDF Books

Acting with your Eyes: On Camera Eye Phrasing

Acting With Your Eyes There is a saying in Hollywood: "Do less because less is more." This phrase usually means that an actor is over-acting the role and trying too hard to demonstrate their feeling and actions. But when the director or an acting teacher says these words, they never actually tell you what to replace it with. So the actor tries to do nothing and in doing nothing, his or her performance becomes flat. In Acting With Your Eyes, I will show you the technique of Eye Phrasing and the Magic Pull, which will enable you to do less on camera while retaining a strong, exciting performance. These simple and powerful techniques will make you a better and more confident on-camera actor. I would like you to think of this book as a plug-in app, as these techniques will work with any acting style you are currently using. The exercises in this book of only thirty-one pages, are easy, fun and extremely powerful. After using these techniques you will immediately understand what has been missing from your on-camera acting performance. Acting With Your Eyes will put you miles ahead of your fellow actors. I can guarantee you no acting class has ever taught these specific, powerful acting techniques that I call Eye Phrasing and the Magic Pull. You will learn the techniques of many Eye Phrases, starting with some basics: Break Left, Pick Up, Back to One and the Magic Pull. The Magic Pull will invigorate you with a new awareness of your inner life, your surroundings and the power you have not just as an actor but as person. You can own the fastest, most expensive sports car in the world, but if you don't have the fuel to put in the car, it's not going anywhere. The Magic Pull is the fuel you need to power up personal acting charisma, energy and sensuality in your performance as an on-camera actor. This book is a must-have plug-in app for actors!

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Convention collective Métallurgie (ingénieurs et cadres) PDF Books

Convention collective Métallurgie (ingénieurs et cadres)

Convention collective Metallurgie (ingenieurs et cadres) Convention collective nationale des ingenieurs et cadres de la metallurgie du 13 mars 1972. Etendue par arrete du 27 avril 1973 (JO du 29 mai 1973). Mise a jour le 6 fevrier 2017. La Bibliotheque Juridique presente la Convention collective Metallurgie (ingenieurs et cadres). Ce livre contient le texte integral de la convention en cours au 6 fevrier 2017. Dans sa version electronique, il dispose d'une table des matieres dynamique. Ce texte est disponible en version imprimee et livre numerique. La version livre numerique est disponible gratuitement au format Kindle avec l'achat de la version papier.

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Amore seducente PDF Books

Amore seducente

Amore seducente a été écrit par Jenna Jeancy qui connu comme un auteur et ont écrit beaucoup de livres intéressants avec une grande narration. Amore seducente a été l'un des livres de populer sur 2019. Il contient 334 pages. Ce livre a été très surpris en raison de sa note top et a obtenu environ best avis des utilisateurs. Donc, après avoir terminé la lecture de ce livre, je recommande aux lecteurs de ne pas sous-estimer ce grand livre. Vous devez prendre Amore seducente que votre liste de lecture ou vous serez regretter parce que vous ne l'avez pas lu encore dans votre vie.

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Why we Worry: A guide to anxiety: treatments and self-help PDF Books

Why we Worry: A guide to anxiety: treatments and self-help

Dr. Jerry Kennard's popular book series continues by addressing many of the questions and issues confronting people with anxiety. For several years now Dr. Kennard has contributed to some of the leading health sites on the Internet. This book was formulated from some of the most popular questions and concerns to come his way. His 'more than a webpage but less than a textbook' principle applies, providing a concise and accessible overview of anxiety as well as self-help tips and treatment information. A valuable resource for people with anxiety, those who care, and for those who want to learn more.

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More Calculus of a Single Variable PDF Books

More Calculus of a Single Variable

This book goes beyond the basics of a first course in calculus to reveal the power and richness of the subject. Standard topics from calculus - such as the real numbers, differentiation and integration, mean value theorems, the exponential function - are reviewed and elucidated before digging into a deeper exploration of theory and applications, such as the AGM inequality, convexity, the art of integration, and explicit formulas for . Further topics and examples are introduced through a plethora of exercises that both challenge and delight the reader. While the reader is thereby exposed to the many threads of calculus, the coherence of the subject is preserved throughout by an emphasis on patterns of development, of proof and argumentation, and of generalization. More Calculus of a Single Variable is suitable as a text for a course in advanced calculus, as a supplementary text for courses in analysis, and for self-study by students, instructors, and, indeed, all connoisseurs of ingenious calculations.

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